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Leadership lessons from Leadership Summit

I had attended the leadership Summit conference a while back but i did find lot of correlation between that Summit and the contents covered in the lectures of “Team building and Conflict Management”. This Summit had the higher management people from various organizations as speakers and panel members and was a good learning experience.

I had drafted my notes and learnings from this Summit at the location below. Please read on if you find it relevant.

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>What does Ratan Tata’s Signature says about his personality ?

– Ratan Naval Tata is the present Chairman of the Tata Group.
– In 1991, he was appointed group chairman of the Tata group. Nearly 20 years later, Ratan Tata has achieved almost everything on his 1991 agenda. At Rs 3.46 lakh crore (Rs 3.46 trillion), Tata Group revenue is 40 times the 1991 level, while net profit has gone up four times.
– Ratan Tata has won many awards and accolades during his career. Primary being
Padma Bhushan (2000)
Padma Vibhushan (2008)
Order of the British Empire (2009)
– He has an honorary citizenship of Singapore.
– He is an honorary economic advisor to Hangzhou city in the Zhejiang province of China.
– In 1962, He did his B.S in architecture and got a job in IBM, which he turned down on the advice of legendary JRD Tata. He was sent to Jamshedpur to work on the shop floor at Tata Steel.

Ratan Tata’s Signature Sample:

A note about Ratan Tata’s Signature Sample:

I found this Sample from Ratan Tata’s Wikipedia page. Because of this reason, i would like to believe that this is authentic. I have no information on under what circumstances this Signature was made, which might have helped to understand the context better. Nevertheless, there is still a lot that can be extracted from this sample to know a man who is no less than a Legend of Business World.
One thing, of course i cannot judge from any digital sample of Signature or Handwriting is the handwriting pressure, for obvious reasons. Looking at the anatomy of this sample, i am making an assumption that this is a high pressure sample. If you look at the sample closely, you would know the basis of this assumption. In my case, in addition to looking at the Sample, i did look into person indepth, So i think i have made a fair assumption (High pressure). Read on to know more-

Ratan Tata’s Signature Analysis:

Ratan Tata is a Visionary . Not that world knew of already, but what i am saying is that his Signature clearly reveals that. He is a Dreamer and such people can not only envision future but also think far beyond in the future than anyone else’s imagination. His life has many such instances which reflects this side of him. He has this rare ability of thinking big and at the same time not lose the sight of what’s needed at the grassroots levels. This explains why the Tata Group pick up the luxurious Pierre Hotel in New York, while Tata is also driving the launch of the budget Ginger hotels in India. He was no taken all that seriously when he first coined the concept of a “Rupees One Lakh” car (which eventually came to known as “Tata Nano”). He had to face a lot of opposition to even sell that dream to his own organization. Finally, he persisted. Even the dream of rolling out Tata Indica was a sort of first in the market which was dominated by Maruti in the Small car segment. Its said that People literally wrote him off when Tata brought the idea of building a passenger car with “the Zen’s size, the Ambassador’s internal dimensions and the price of a Maruti 800”. The result is now for everyone to see with Tata Indica being so successful on Indian roads (sold more than a million Passenger cars since 1998 debut).

He has a fierce Determination and Persistence in his personality. This is a deadly combination of traits that partly explains why Ratan Tata has not left the business scene despite being subject to sort of problems that could potentially destroy lesser mortals. He has faced innumerable adverse situations and times in life but never ever given-up. This sure is a sign of a great man.
He had a Shaky start to his career and despite that because of his persistence and determination, he has emerged as a legend that he is regarded now. Some context to this below-
Ratan Tata got his first Independent assignment as a Director of National Radio and Electronics (Nelco), in 1971 (which again is an example of persistence as he had started working in Tata group since 1962). Nelco was in dire straits when Ratan came on board- losses of 40% and barely 2% share of the consumer electronics. Because of his persistence and determination, he did managed to turn around Nelco but by then Emergency was declared, which affected the results.
Tata’s first global venture, the purchase of Tetley in 2000, had begun five years earlier when Ratan Tata made a $318 million bid for the tea company. That didn’t work out, but Ratan didn’t lose heart and kept an eye on the company’s activities. The deal was finally clinched at $430 million. Sheer perseverance may have made that deal come true.
Hemendra Kothari, the doyen of investment banking in India who has worked on most Tata Group deals, has watched Tata’s working style closely. “He is a very discerning person when it comes to decision-making. And once he has made up his mind, he is prepared to go all out to achieve his objective, be it Corus or Nano,” he says.
Even the Singur episode when the Political power did not allow is Nano plant to function, it was only his Persistence and determination which saw him shift the Operations at the last minute.

Ratan Tata has Pride and Dignity in his personality. Pride is a spur to achievement. Pride says “You must think well of me too”. At the start of his career, Tata faced opposition from several lot of peers who thought that he was best suited for the job of the Chairman of Tata group. Of course, his persistence and determination helped but it was his Pride that also played a big role in overcoming opposition and move ahead with his head taller. The Pride aspect shows in some of his business decisions as well.
The Corus deal is proof of the kind of goodwill the Tata Group has created for itself across the world, not just within the country. Unlike the Mittal Steel bid for Arcelor, which created a huge furore, the Tata faced little opposition. Although the Anglo-Dutch company had several plants in the United Kingdom, there was little attempt to stop the deal by either political parties or trade unions. The Corus management was happy to support the deal, placing its faith in the group’s reassurance that there would be no layoffs and that pension shortfalls would be taken care off.

Ratan Tata is quite an Emotional Person , with a broad range of emotions from extreme highs to lows. He is a person with High Emotional Intensity and feels situations Indepth, quite Intensely. He can very easily related to Other people’s problems. Some of his business deals reflect this aspect of his personality. Regarding owning LandRover (Jaguar) brand, Ratan’s father Naval was one of five people in India who took delivery of a new Jaguar XK120 in the late 1940s. “I remember the XK with great nostalgia,” Tata commented to a Jaguar team. “I particularly remember the instruments on the dashboard and how stylish they looked.”
What Tata did for 26/11 victims of Mumbai attacks is not much documented. If you have not read it, please read this article . This more than proves his emotional involvement with everything he does.

He has Perfectionism in his personality. He is a kind of person who takes time putting everything in place and reviews work thoroughly in order to make it precise.

He is usually quite Cautious in his approach. A Cautious person is inclined to be careful in order to minimize risk and reduce any impulsive behaviour. Cautiousness is quite an understood trait for a person heading such a huge business empire. This aspect of his personality prevents him from blindly trusting everyone.

The basis of Ratan Tata’s Signature Analysis:

– Image Source:

>Dear Visitor, a Question for you ?

>Hey, I admire you visiting this site. If you like the content present in this blog, i have a question for you ?

The handwriting analysis of which celebrity would you like to see featured next on this blog. Your feedback and interest is very important to me. Would appreciate if you can share it via comments.

>What does Brett Lee’s signature say about his personality ?

– Brett Lee is a fast bowler in Australian Cricket team.
– He was one of the fastest bowlers in the World Cricket. Lee’s fastest recorded delivery to date is 161.8 km/h (100.5 mph) which he bowled in a test match against West Indies.
– He has been a successful bowler for Australia in all forms of the Game- Tests, ODIs and T20.
– Lee’s 161.8 km/h ball is the fastest recorded ball to date but was debunked right after an hour as three radar guns were not properly aligned and the back-up radar gun recorded the speed in 150s only.
– During the early 2000 tour to New Zealand, Lee was reported by umpires Srinivas Venkataraghavan and Arani Jayaprakash for a suspected illegal bowling action. He was later cleared
– Lee is part of the rock band Six & Out. The band is made up of his brother Shane and former New South Wales cricketers Brad McNamara, Gavin Robertson and Richard Chee Quee. Lee plays the bass guitar or acoustic guitar for the band.

Brett Lee’s Signature Sample:

A Note about Brett Lee’s Signature Sample:
I had never seen Brett Lee’s autograph before i bumped into Castrol Cricket blog by the man himself. This blog can be accessed from here . This actually a video blog and the autograph appeared in the Preview of the video. I almost felt excited to dissect the autograph and know the man beneath.
As with all the Signature samples available on the Internet, there is no way to determine the pressure of Signature. And also, since his exact Handwriting sample is not available, it deprives the person analyzing the signature for some valuable information. But i chose to go with what was available and Signature do give a lot of insights into the Public profile of an individual. Read on to know more about Brett Lee.

Brett Lee’s Signature Analysis:
He possesses the need to be Socially prominent , someone who is of big stature. He has a need to stand out from the crowd. He has a great deal of Self pride and this trait is something that is a fodder for people who are extremely passionate. This trait comes naturally to a successful Sportsman, who is always in limelight. Cricket is a sport with mass appeal atleast in the countries where it is popular. Brett Lee is definitely one of the most charismatic names in Cricket. The very notion of being Socially prominent goes hand-in-hand with being in limelight. Off-field too, Lee has been a part of Advertisement and he even has is own fashion label BL .

Brett is quite Frank and Open minded while communicating and giving opinions in general. If someone asks such person a Frank question, he/she will receive a Frank answer. Partly because of this aspect of his personality (apart of his Cricketing ability, of course), he is quite a popular personality.

Brett exhibits a special trait called as Desire for responsibility . A person with this trait yearns for responsibility and feels restless when given less than they can handle. He always likes to handle that extra responsibility and this aspect of personality goes a long way in making him an Integral part of the team. He handled the Australian pace attack when the champion pacers Glenn McGrath retired. He was more successful spearheading the bowling attack for Australia. Desire for responsibility is a true Leadership trait as what distinguishes a true leader is how much they are willing to own the circumstances and go beyond it.

Brett is a Dreamer . Dreamers are often thought of as a people who can think of Impossible goals. They are risk takers. Its one thing to have High goals in life but entirely a different thing to have dreams. It is this aspect of his personality that has seen him reach and perform consistently at the highest level in Cricket. His dreams are beyond Cricket as is evident from his involvement in singing and movies. During the 2006 ICC Champions Trophy in India, Lee recorded a duet with India’s music diva Asha Bhosle called You’re the One For Me. The song reached a peak position of number two on the Indian and South African charts. In 2008, he filmed scenes for his first Bollywood movie Victory.He once hosted a short-lived TV program called “Personal Best”.

Brett exhibits Fluidity of thoughts in his personality. The people with this trait are naturally great speakers and writers. The prime aspect with this trait is that the thoughts flows naturally without any internal distractions. Its because of this trait Lee has been a good conversationalist and is often writing columns for newspapers and blogs (Castrol).

Brett possesses good deal of Determination in his personality. Determination is certanily one of the essential ingredients of a Successful person. this trait coupled with Desire for Responsibility has worked wonders for Brett. He has made many comebacks to the National side either due to injury or due to bad form. This man never gave up without a fight. His most recent comeback was in Australia’s World cup 2011 side. I can never forget a sight when he was hit badly on the eyebrow while fielding in Quarter-Final vs India. He was bleeding all over and it almost felt that he is gone for the match. But die to his determination, he came back in next few overs and was bowling superfast at 145 + speed. This story has more on Lee’s famed comebacks despite career threatning injuries.

Brett is a Positive Thinker . He is always inclined to see the positive side of any situation. That is probably the reason that he always tends to have a Smile on his face no matter how tough the situation might be. Positive thinking along with Determination is a true asset that helps him surpass insurmountable obstacles.

The basis of Brett Lee’s Signature Analysis:

The Source of Brett Lee’s Signature Sample:

– Image Source:

>What does Cem Kaner’s Signature say about his personality ?

– Cem Kaner is one of the highly respected personalities in the Software Engineering fraternity espacially Software Testing.
– Cem Kaner J.D., Ph.D., is a Professor of Software Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology.
– He has authored many books on Software Engineering including the Best Sellers Testing Computer Software , Lesson Learned in Software Testing and have to his credit numerous publications on Software Testing and broader Software Engineering topics.
– In 2004 he cofounded the non-profit Association for Software Testing (AST), where he serves as the Vice-President for Publications. AST is credited with arguably the best courses available on Software Testing and many a Software testers have got the necessary boost to their careers with that education.

Cem Kaner’s Signature Sample:

A note about Cem Kaner’s Signature Sample:
I first saw this Signature Sample in this document created by Ajay Balamurugadas . There was a Screen shot of a Certificate stating that Ajay Balamurugadas has completed the Black Box Software Testing Bug Advocacy Course. One of the Signatories of this Certificate was Cem Kaner. Since this Screen Shot was a bit small sized, i requested to Ajay to send the Original scanned copy, which he graciously did.
Most of the Scanned Signatures have some disadvantages primary of which is that it is not possible to judge the Handwriting pressure. Pressure is an important indicator of emotional intensity, which inadvertently affect every other human personality trait. Other than this, the Signature is best analyzed if there is a corresponding Handwriting Sample available. There are some important Personality traits that get revealed via positioning/Slant/Size of Signature w.r.t to Handwriting and much more. So i had to do the analysis without this Information at hand.
Finally, Signature of a person is synonymous to one’s public life. It reveals the characteristics of the personality that we tend to portray to the external world, which is necessarily not similar to what we are at the core of our personality and usually is a more polished way to represent ourselves (depending on the context).
Having said this, the below analysis is my honest attempt to arrive at the personality information about a person whose work i admire a lot. Someone who is a role model.

Cem Kaner’s Signature Analysis:

Cem is a Cumulative Thinker . Cumulative Thinkers thinks or creates much like a mason, stacking fact over fact. In this thinking pattern, the conclusion, is usually not complete until the last fact is in place. Such a thinker prefers to learn more through demonstration, by preferring to experience something rather than simply following any written or verbal instruction. This may take longer to learn but something once learned is retained for a long, long time. These are all the signs of a methodical thinker, who can build things and come up with the new ideas based on previously learned material.

He has Very High Concentration levels. People with high concentration have this ability to eliminate all outside noises, thoughts, interferences, and the ability to concentrate fully on one subject. He has this tremendous ability to focus on something he sets his mind on.

Cem generally Likes to have all the facts before coming up with a decision . There are people who make take decisions just on the surface level information, Cem is not one of them. He is usually quite Cautious in his approach . A Cautious person is inclined to be careful in order to minimize risk and reduce any impulsive behavior.

Cem has Self Consciousness trait in his personality. Such people usually do not like to be center of attention e.g. When such a person enters a gathering full of people, he may prefer to go to sidelines until he has everyone catalogued in his mind, probably may not initiate a conversation till a certain comfort level is reached.

Cem is quite Frank , Honest and Open minded while communicating and giving opinions in general. If someone asks such person a Frank question, he/she will receive a Frank answer.

He possesses the need to be Socially prominent , someone who is of big stature. He has a need to stand out from the crowd. He has a great deal of Self pride and this trait is something that is a fodder for people who are extremely passionate.

The basis of Cem Kaner’s Signature Analysis :

Image Source:
– The Book- Handwriting Analysis- Putting It to Work for You by Andrea McNichol
– The book- Handwriting Analysis by Bart A. Baggett

>What makes Steve Ballmer sweat so much while doing presentations ?

>If you didn’t quite get the title of the presentation, do watch this video.

About Steve Ballmer:
– Steven Anthony “Steve” Ballmer (born March 24, 1956) has been the chief executive officer of Microsoft Corporation since January 2000.
– Ballmer joined Microsoft on June 11, 1980[7], and became Microsoft’s 30th employee, the first business manager hired by Gates.
– As of 2010[update], he is one of the richest people in the world with a personal wealth estimated at US$13.1 billion.
In 1980, he dropped out of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business to join Microsoft.

Steve Ballmer’s Signature Sample:

A note about Steve Ballmer’s Signature Sample:
I got this sample from one of my friends who had worked in Microsoft for a long time. He had received one Achievement trophy, which had this Signature. This is Picture of the signature. In such a sample which is ingrained in the trophy some of the aspects of the signature becomes unclear. One of such things is Pressure, which i cannot comment on. Other minute things related to the size of letters, formation may get little misformed because someone else actually does the job of rendering the Signature onto the Physical Trophy. So in this write-up, i would keep things rather simple and comment only on the trait that is a more certainly interpreted.

What’s in Steve Ballmer’s Signature that explains what you saw in the video ?
One of the prominent things in the video is the raw energy exhibited by Steve Ballmer. There is one trait in his Signature that explains to some extent the source of this raw energy. This trait is called Enthusiasm and it really stands out in his Signature. defines Enthusiasm as “Great excitement for or interest in a subject or cause. It is a source or cause of great excitement or interest.” Enthusiasm is great eagerness to be involved in a particular activity which you like and enjoy or which you think is important. Real Enthusiasm is contagious, it rubs off on everyone it touches. If you are a Speaker, Enthusiasm is one trait that goes a long way in positively influencing the audience. This is what happens when Steve Ballmer addresses huge gatherings. People find his act funny and full of energy and are mostly likely to stay glued to what he has to convey. His Enthusiastic act plays as an Ice Breaker and establishes some sort of connect with the audience.
Enthusiasm is one of the Key Success traits. It is the enduring emotion of excitement.

Enthusiasm in handwriting is revealed by a Extremely long horizontal “t” bar in relation to the rest of the handwriting.

Wishing you a Happy Enthusiastic New Year!


>What does M.F. Husain’s Handwriting say about his Personality ?

– Maqbool Fida Husain is an artist of Indian origin.
– According to Forbes magazine, he has been called the “Picasso of India”.
– In 1955, he was awarded the prestigious Padma Shree prize by the Government of India
– He has been awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1973 and was nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1986.
– He was awarded the Padma Vibhushan in 1991.
– Husain is among the highest paid painter in India. His single canvases have fetched up to $2 million at a recent Christie’s auction.

After legal cases and death threats in his home country, he was on a self imposed exile from 2006. In January, 2010, he was offered the citizenship of Qatar, which he accepted.

Handwriting Sample:

The handwriting version is enlarged to improve the clarity.In a normal
view,the baseline in this sample may appear to slant down but this is not actually true(in context of surface on which it is written).

A note about the Handwriting Sample:
This Handwriting Sample of M.F. Husain appeared in the Magazine India Today print version (Dated 3rd-Oct-2005), which ran a feature on M.F.Husain.

M.F. Husain’s Handwriting Analysis:
Decision Making:
M.F Husain is more judgmental in his decision making without much influence of his emotions. He makes decisions by thing what is best for him in a given circumstance and won’t get pushed around emotionally by other people. He is quite objective in nature and given to evaluation facts before taking decisions.

Emotional Outlay:
He is ruled by his head and not entirely by his heart. He is a cool, collected person. Some may see him as an unemotional person. He does have emotions like all the humans but feels no need to express them. He is kind of withdrawn into himself and enjoys being alone. He is a very level headed person and will remain calm in emergency situations. He is never quite impulsive.

Emotional Intensity:
He has a very deep and enduring feelings. Any emotional situation or feeling generally stays with him for a long time. He has definite likes and dislikes. He is a person who feels situations intensely. I believe this is one trait that is essential to being a successful artist. Unless an artist is able to feel the situation intensely, he/she won’t be successful in portray it as a piece of art.

Ability to Focus:
He has a tremendous ability to focus on any project/task that he takes on. When he is focusing on some project then he forgets everything else that’s happening around him. He has the ability to eliminate all outside noises, thoughts, interference, and ability to concentrate on one subject. When he concentrates, he becomes oblivious to everything around you. For an artist to be successful, ability to focus is the key.This is what gets the best thoughts.

Thinking Patterns:
He is the one having Curious/Investigative as well as Creative thinking patterns. Having multiple thinking patterns helps him to do justice to the tasks involving fast thinking/decision making as well as slow creative generation of ideas. He has an amazing ability to align his thinking patterns based on the situations. Probably that is one of the reasons that makes him a great artist and film maker and every other tasks he takes.
Being a Creative Thinker…
He thinks/creates much like a brick mason, stacking fact-upon-fact. However, the thought pattern is not complete until the last fact is in place. He constructs things and picture them in his mind. He tends to learn more quickly with demonstration rather than by reading instructions. But one every good thing is that once the knowledge is there, it stays with him forever..
Being an Analytical and Curious thinker…
He sifts and examines facts, he has this ability to consider the pros and cons. He interprets all the facts by separating them, breaking them down, and organizing them from a critical point of view. He does possess a strong reasoning ability.
Being a Curious thinker, he thinks rapidly if required by a situation. He can take say ten good ideas and quickly formulate into one idea that works.

Goals/Self Image:
He is a practical person whose goals are planned. He has this innate desire for well-defined goals. He has an ability to view the end of the project at the beginning (before he starts). Everything he does is mapped out- the entire route he is going to take. He plans everything in advance and finds joy in anticipation. This ability helps him in his profession as an artist as well as a film maker.

Will Power:
He exhibits tremendous will-power that helps him achieve his goals in-spite-of any difficulty he faces.

Attention to details:
He exhibits extreme attention to details. He is an observant person and notices everything. He tends to have a good memory.

He has perfectionism in his personality. He is a kind of person who takes time putting everything in place and reviews work thoroughly in order to make it precise.

Organizational ability:
He has this fine ability to create smooth-running order out of chaos. He tends to organize his time, work pretty well. This is an ability that helps him handle multiple tasks well.

Social Skills/Communication:
He has the ability to express his ideas smoothly and easily, moving from one subject to another with ease. He exhibits fluidity of thoughts and that makes him a good speaker and writer.
He is a kind of person who doesn’t like beating around the bush and likes “to-the- point” communication.
He is quite selective in the choice of his associates and limits the close, intimate friends to only a few.
He is always honest and blunt when asked his opinions.

The basis of M.F. Husain’s Handwriting Analysis:

Source of M.F. Husain’s Handwriting:

2.Image Source:

>What does Saina Nehwal’s Signature say about her Personality ?


– Saina Nehwal is an Khel Ratna (highest national sporting award in India) winning badminton player.
– Saina is the first Indian woman to reach the singles quarterfinals at the Olympics and the first Indian to win the World Junior Badminton Championships.
– Saina Nehwal made history on June 21, 2009, becoming the first Indian to win a Super Series tournament, by clinching the Indonesia Open with a stunning victory over higher-ranked Chinese Wang Lin in Jakarta. (The Super Series tournament is roughly equivalent to a Grand Slam in tennis).
– Saina Nehwal won 2010 Commonwealth games gold in Womens Singles Shuttle badminton .
– Saina Nehwal was rewarded with Arjuna award in August, 2009.
– Saina has been awarded with Padma Shri award in January 2010.

Saina is brand ambassador of Deccan Chargers, an Indian Premier League team owned by Deccan chronicle.

Signature Sample:

A note about the Signature Sample:
This Signature Sample of Saina Nehwal was featured in an Advertisement in Bangalore Times. This was the Advertisement of Fortune Plus Oil. This Advertisement came days after it was announced that her brand value has reached Rs. 1 Crore .

Saina Nehwal’s Signature Analysis:
Saina is Optimistic and Positive thinking by nature. The positive thinking attitude helps him believe that tomorrow will be better day and look at the brighter side of life.

Saina has the Desire to be different . She feels that she is stand out from the crowd and this difference is quite important to her. This trait is usually in teenagers when they try and be different from others by their various mannerisms, clothing etc. But i case of Saina, the reason for this difference is evident to the world. It is because of her skill at sport she loves more than anything- Badminton. Her discipline and hardwork are the key ingredients that sets her apart from any other 20 something in the country.

Saina possesses Leadership qualities and Healthy Self confidence. Healthy Self confidence is vital to one’s success. It is more reaffirmation of the self. She has a Strong leadership qualities, and relies on herself. She has a great amount of Inner Strength , which goes a long way in making her a Champion that she is. It is her Inner Strength that has helped her win from tough situations. Her more recent victory in Commonwealth Games 2010, when she won from being a set down, saving a few match points went on to win the Gold. This gold eventually took India to #2 in the medal tally. This was a tremendous show of Inner mental strength.

Saina is Honest and blunt in giving her Opinions. It was her honesty that landed her in controversy for the remarks over India’s Commonwealth Games preparations.
At a function held at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy in Hyderabad, Saina had said: ‘Looking at the stadiums and looking at the progress, I don’t really think we are capable of holding such big tournaments because, you know, I have seen many Games like the CWG in Melbourne and Olympic Games in Beijing. Compared to that, it’s not up to
the mark.
She later did backed off from these comments under immense media scrutiny.

Saina possess Healthy Ego and has a good sense of self. Her sense of self if not inflated and she comes across as a balanced personality.

Saina has a bit of Cautiousness in her personality. She is rather careful now in order to minimize risks. Such a behavior renders her less impulsive and she usually look before she chooses to leap. She was quick to apologize as soon as she realized her comment about Commonwealth Games would be taken out of context. This incident probably makes her even more cautious. This signature sample featured in an advertisement after the games.

Saina has the Acquisitiveness trait in her personality. She possess the need to acquire material things in life.
[Below news item updated on 16th-Nov]
Read in Times of India- Saina wants an Audi as Asian Games gift . This news item proves acquisitiveness for material things to some extent.

Saina is Open to other’s ideas and philosphies . Before accepting the ideas, she always tend to question if a certain idea is best for her and in what way. She picks up ideas only after she is convinced that it will work positively for her. She is a Head over Heart person and is not impulsive in her behavior.

The basis of Saina Nehwal’s Signature Analysis:

Source of Saina Nehwal’s Signature:
This news clipping is from Bangalore Times dated 31st-Oct-2010

3.Image Source:

>What does Barack Obama’s Signature tell about his personality ?

– Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th and current President of the United States
– He is the first African American to hold the office.
– Obama is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard Law School, where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review.
– On October 8, 2009, Obama was named the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize laureate.
– Besides his native English, Obama speaks Indonesian at the conversational level, which he learned during his four childhood years in Jakarta.
– His first book was published in mid-1995. Known as “Dreams from My Father”

Obama tried to quit smoking several times over the years and has used nicotine replacement therapy. However in June 2010, during a congratulatory phone call to president-elect Benigno Aquino of the Philippines, Obama told Aquino that he had quit and would offer advice on how to stop smoking when Aquino was himself ready for that step.

Signature Sample:

A note about Signature Sample:
This Signature is of President Barack Obama signing the historic healthcare bill at the White House. What may surprise you is the fact that Obama used not one, or two, but 22 different pens to sign this history bill.
TIME magazine explains the rationale behind multi-pen signatures:
The pen used to sign historic legislation itself becomes a historical artifact. The more pens a President uses, the more thank-you gifts he can offer to those who helped create that piece of history. The White House often engraves the pens, which are then given as keepsakes to key proponents or supporters of the newly signed legislation.
More details here .

Barack Obama’s Signature Analysis:
Barack Obama’s Signature shows Desire for Responsibility . This may sound a very obvious trait for a person who is arguably the most Powerful person on Earth, handling country as big as United States and many a crucial World affairs. This trait is important in a Leadership role which requires a person to take up responsibilities abruptly. Obama has a desire to be needed by a large number of people. A sneak peak into earlier days of Obama reveals that in late 1988, he entered Harvard Law School. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year, and president of the journal in his second year. He has been wanting the responsibilities to do more from his early days.

Obama possesses Fluidity of Thoughts in his personality. Fluidity of thoughts at a granular level is the ability of a person to move from one thought to other with ease. This forms the basis of supreme Communication Skills that he possesses. He is also Frank and honest While relaying his comments and thoughts. He is known for his Oratory powers. One of the events that is widely considered as turning point for Obama’s career is his keynote address in 2004 Democratic National Convention . The video of Keynote is here . This speech catapulted Obama in the National scene. His discourse was widely regarded as eloquent and inspiring. Many observers consider Obama such an accomplished speaker that they compare him with the great communicator of our era- Martin Luther King Jr., John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. His oratory powers are also acknowledged by Republicans as well. As Louisiana’s Republican Governor Bobby Jindal commented on August 10, 2008,
“Senator Obama is one of the best Speakers- one of the most inspiring speakers- I’ve seen in a political generation. You have to go back to President Ronald Reagan to really see somebody who’s that articulate.” So much is the Influence of Obama’s communication skills that Shel Leanne wrote a book- Say It Like Obama: The Power of Speaking with Purpose and Vision highlighting his techniques that makes him a speaker par excellence. Fluidity of Thoughts not only formed the basis of his speaking skills but also the Writing skills. He has also authored high impact books such as Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance and The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

Obama has the need to be Socially Prominent , as someone of enormous stature. He wants to stand-out in public. He has this innate need to be famous.
Obama has Immense Pride in self and his abilities also.

He possess good deal of determination in his personality. Determination is one positive trait that helps anyone achieve the goals one has set for self. Obama’s rise in the United States political scene is nothing short of a miracle. He was elected to the Illinois Senate in 1996 and he was President of United States by 2008. From being a State Senator to ruling United States in close to a decade is meteoric. Determination is certainly one of the traits that has helped him scale new heights while maintaining that burning passion.

Obama is Cautious in his decision making approach. He always choose to be careful in order to minimize risks. The cautious tendency reduces any impulsive behavior and causes one to weigh pros and cons before making decisions. He uses his judgment and is ruled by head and not by heart especially in decision making. In his article in Washington Post by Joel Achenbach, he says- “President Obama is almost defiantly deliberative, methodical and measured, even when critics accuse him of dithering. When describing his executive style, he goes into Spock mode, saying, “You’ve got to make decisions based on information and not emotions. Obama’s style has been attacked from his left flank as well. Liberals have zinged him as being too cautious, too much of a compromiser.” More on Joel’s article here . He also possesses Perfectionism in his personality and that may be the reason i.e. to satisfy his desire for Perfection, some of his decisions take time but by general consensus are more articulate.

Obama possesses Analytical Thinking in his personality. Many theorists label him as more Analytical than George Bush . A person with Analytical thinking ability weighs one fact against another, coming up with well-considered decisions.

The basis of Barack Obama’s Signature Analysis:

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