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>Dear Visitor, a Question for you ?

April 13, 2011

>Hey, I admire you visiting this site. If you like the content present in this blog, i have a question for you ?

The handwriting analysis of which celebrity would you like to see featured next on this blog. Your feedback and interest is very important to me. Would appreciate if you can share it via comments.


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  1. >Anuj, it would be nice to read the handwriting analysis of:1. Virendra Sehwag2. Ratan Tata3. Rahul Gandhi4. Barkha DuttThanks,Mayank

  2. >Thanks Mayank. Will be researching on these personalities and as i get access to their handwriting, will be posting the analysis.Thank you for your comment.Regards,Anuj

  3. >Well Anuj,I am a nobody, will you analyse my handwriting :)I have already sent you my Signature & handwriting, but you have not yet responded to me,maybe because I am a nobody,neither a celebrity nor someone you know.Do let me know about the Analysis whenever you get time.Thanks for reading this comment :)Cheers,Jassi

  4. >Hi Jassi,Welcome to the Club, I am a nobody as well. :-). I acknowledge that i have received your email and its my bad that i havent responded yet. Will do.Regards,Anuj

  5. >Hi (Anonymous) Mayank,Ratan Tata's Singature is posted. As Tata said at the Tata Nano launch, "A Promise is a Promise", it feels good that i kept my promise. Looking to do others too.Regards,Anuj

  6. >Hi Anuj,It was good to read your blogs, knowing about Ratan Tata's personality from his signature is well analysedQuestionSeveral times faced problem with my signatures which differ from time to time, definitely there will be reasons for the difference. Can you analyse traits or moods of an individual from his different signatures?Thanks & Regards,Ashutosh

  7. >Hi Ashutosh,Thank you for liking the blog.Regarding your Question, It would be good for me to comment upon seeing your Signature. Handwriting do change, thats normal. Parts of Signature may change but usually they are consistent because of conscious effort made by us to have a perfect Signature (for legal reasons, also to maintain our certain Public image).Yes, its possible and within the confines of science of Graphology to detect the dynamic traits provided the handwriting samples are available for the duration.Regards,Anuj

  8. >I can't wait to see your examples of how your handwriting has evolved! I am obsessed with the different forms that hand writing takes. I love collecting old postcards just to see the writing.

  9. >I'm not so much interested in the analysis of celebrity signatures as more broad instruction on the meanings of strokes in handwriting.I wonder if, for instance, there is a way to determine difficulties such as dyslexia in handwriting strokes?

  10. >@r8r- Thank you for your comment. Yes, the hints about presence of Dyslexia can be determined by looking at the handwritingcit. Will write about it.@Handwriting Analyst- Thank you for writing in. My handwriting has certainly evolved and some parts of it i have changed knowing Graphotherapy.

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